Repair / Root Soft-Bricked Acer Liquid Z520 Dual Sim

This tutorial is for educational purposes only and nothing more than a proof / representation of concept. The Non-Technical Technical Support or any of its sources is not responsible should your Acer Liquid A520's situation worsen. Further, this concept / procedure might work on other Android phone brands. Try at your own risk. Before going any further, please keep in mind that this procedure can only repair a soft-bricked Acer Liquid Z520 Dual Sim phone. When we say "soft-bricked", we refer to a phone that is no longer powering back ON when you use its power button but is still detected by any PC. Always keep in mind that as long as your Android device is detected by your PC, you still might be able to fix it in one way or another. If not now, probably at one point in time.

Soft-Bricked Acer Liquid Z520

This should allow you to fix and Acer Z520 that is:
  • Going into bootloop
  • Other software issues that prohibits the unit from performing its normal functions
  • Will not boot but can still be detected by PC

  • The keyword here is "as long as your unit is still detected by your PC".

The Files

I have collected most of the needed files for this tutorial. The Acer Liquid Z520 Dual Sim Tools.7z includes:

    Custom Recovery Modules:
    • Z520_150521__recovery_CWM_6.0.4.4-Z520.img
    • Maui META 3G ver 6.1316.1.msi
    • setup.exe
    Rooting Tool:
    Stock ROMs:
    • Images_Acer_AV0K0_Z520_1.010.00_EMEA_GEN1 (Dual Sim).zip
    • Images_Acer_AV0K0_Z520_1.010.00_EMEA_GEN1S (Single Sim).zip
    USB Drivers:
    • MT6577 USB VCOM drivers.7z
    • MTK_SP_Drivers_v1.4.rar
Or you can get the Acer Liquid Z520 Dual Sim Tools.7z from the TNTTS repository. This should contain all the above-mentioned files.

... without further blabber, let us begin the tutorial...

Set Windows to Accept Unsigned Drivers

Most of the tools needed for these repair procedures are unsigned and Windows will most likely not allow them to be installed properly. Thus, we need to set our Windows to accept whatever driver we introduce it.
Get all the above-mentioned files first before setting Windows to accept unsigned drivers and whatnot. Since I tested this on Windows 10, here's how it is done:

  1. Click on the START button and hold the any one of the SHIFT keys.

  2. Click on RESTART while holding a SHIFT key.

  3. Windows 10 will eventually take you to a screen that would say "Choose an option". Click on the option that shows: Troubleshoot
    Refresh or reset your PC, or use advanced tools

  4. Then choose the "Advanced options".

  5. From the "Advanced options", choose "Startup Settings" then click the "Restart" button that will appear.

  6. Let Windows restart and it should show you some kind of "Startup Settings" menu which will show at least 9 options to choose from:

    1) Enable debugging
    2) Enable boot logging
    3) Enable low-resolution video
    4) Enable Safe Mode
    5) Enable Safe Mode with Networking
    6) Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt
    7) Enable driver signature enforcement
    8) Disable early launch anti-malware protection
    9) Disable automatic restart after failure

  7. Choose the 7th option "Enable driver signature enforcement", by pressing the 7 (seven) key on your keyboard.

  8. Let Windows 10 load. Once done, it show allow you to install unsigned drivers.

For other versions of Windows, you can easily Google credible information on how to perform this in Windows 7, or Windows 8.

Installing the Stock Firmware

  1. Unzip the "MT6577 USB VCOM drivers.7z" and install it by running the "InstallDriver.exe" file. This may ask you to install some Microsoft .NET files which you can easily locate on Microsoft's website or Google.

  2. Unzip "SP_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows_v5.1452.00.000" (preferably in it's own folder in your C drive) and launch the "flash_tool.exe" as administrator.

  3. Next is to prepare the stock firmware for your Acer Liquid Z520. Should be included in the packaged file in this article. Unzip the "Images_Acer_AV0K0_Z520_1.010.00_EMEA_GEN1 (Dual Sim).zip" in one folder.

    There is a file in your "Images_Acer_AV0K0_Z520_1.010.00_EMEA_GEN1 (Dual Sim).zip" that is named "MT6582_Android_scatter.txt", you'll see it once you've unzipped it.

  4. On your Smart Phone Flash Tool, click on the "Options" menu. Then choose "Connection" on the left pane and make sure the "Battery" portion is set to "auto detect".

  5. Set your Smart Phone Flash Tool into "Download Only".

  6. Click on the "Scatter-loading" button and locate / choose the
    from the "Images_Acer_AV0K0_Z520_1.010.00_EMEA_GEN1 (Dual Sim).zip"
    that you just unzipped moments back.

    The PRELOADER, MBR, EBR1, UBOOT, BOOTING, RECOVERY, SEC_RO, LOGO, ANDROID, CACHE, and USRDATA should auto-populate with the correct files to use.

  7. Click on the "Download" button on your Smart Phone Flash Tool.

  8. Make sure your Acer Liquid Z520 is powered OFF and has battery in it. Connect it to the most reliable USB port of your PC. Let Smart Phone Flash Tool do whatever it needs to do. All you need is wait for a popup box with a check showing inside a green circle. The popup would show the words "Download Ok".

  9. Unplug your Acer Liquid Z520 and charge it for at least 5 more minutes just to be sure. From here you may now close your Smart Phone Flash Tool.

  10. Power ON your Acer Liquid Z520. Your soft-bricked Acer Liquid Z520 should've been fixed by now, but before you rejoice we recommend that you check your device's IMEI if it still intact. Do this by going to the dialer of your phone and typing *#06#. It will either show your phone's IMEI or will show INVALID or NULL.
    A phone with no IMEI will not connect to the internet when using data plan, will not allow outbound / inbound calls, and will not even allow SMS to be sent out. If your phone's IMEI is gone, please check our "Invalid IMEI" Tutorial if it applies to your unit.

  11. From here you may want to have more control over your Acer Liquid Z520.This can be done by rooting it. The term means taking full control over majority of the processes running on your phone. Let's face it, an Android phone that is not rooted has got lots of applications running in the background - thereby maximizing it's batter consumption. With rooting, you are able to disable or uninstall these unecessary bloatwares with ease.

  12. Should you decide to go this path, the next set of applications we need to prepare are:

    SuperSU will be the key to rooting your device but before we can install SuperSU, we need to change our Acer Liquid Z520's Recovery Module into something that would allow it's installation.

Installing Custom Recovery Module and SuperSU

In Acer Liquid Z520, recovery module can be accessed by pressing and holding the decrease volume and the power buttons at the same time. Recovery module provides a plethora of cool options if you know how to use them. Restoring what you've previously backed up for instance, in the event of soft-brick.
As mentioned in the first Repair Tutorial, the stock Custom Recovery of your Acer Liquid Z520 will not allow SuperSU's installation. Thus, this is the time to change it to a custom one.

  1. Copy the "" to your SD Card.

  2. Prepare your "Z520_150521__recovery_CWM_6.0.4.4-Z520.img" and launch your Smart Phone Flash Tool as admininstrator.

  3. Check the Recovery checkbox only and nothing else. Then locate / choose your "Z520_150521__recovery_CWM_6.0.4.4-Z520.img"; this tells your Smart Phone Flash Tool that you want to use the "Z520_150521__recovery_CWM_6.0.4.4-Z520.img" to change the stock Recovery Module of your Acer Liquid Z520.

  4. Click on the "Download" button of your Smart Phone Flash Tool. Power OFF your Acer Liquid Z520, just like what we did on the "Installing the Stock Firmware" Tutorial. Then, connect your Acer Liquid Z520 to your PC's most reliable USB port.

  5. Let Smart Phone Flash Tool do it's thing again. Just wait for the green circle with a big check. Once done, close your Smart Phone Flash Tool and disconnect your phone from your PC.

  6. From here if you power OFF your Acer Liquid Z520. Pressing the volume decrease button and power button and holding them should show a different Recovery Module. It should show something like this:

    CWM-based Recovery v6.0.4.4
    Modd by carliv@xda

    - reboot system now
    - install zip
    - wipe data/factory reset
    - wipe cache partition
    - backup and restore
    - mounts and storage
    - advanced

  7. Choose install zip, then choose the "- choose zip from sdcard" option. Your screen should show the files and folders of your sd card.

  8. Look for your "-" file and proceed to the installation.

  9. Once done, choose the "- reboot system now" option. Then it will show the message:
    Root access possibly lost. Fix?
    Choose "No" instead of "Yes - Fix root (/system/xbin/...)".

  10. Your mobile phone will reboot, and would eventually bring you back to it's normal screen. From here you should be able to see the SuperSU icon as one of the installed apps in your Acer Liquid Z520.

  11. Your next move would probably be to activate the Developer Mode Options on your Acer Liquid Z520.

Activate the Acer Z520 Developer Mode Options:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Choose the "About phone" option. You should see where it says "Build number" then "Acer_AV0K0_Z520_1.010.00_EMEA_GEN1" below it.

  3. Press it at least 7 times until it shows you the phrase "You are now a developer".

  4. Go back to "Settings", then you will notice a new option just above where it says "Above phone". It will be shown as "{} Developer options". Access it and check on the checkboxes that says:
    USB debugging

  5. Go back to "Settings", then choose "Security" and check on the checkbox that says "Unknown sources".

  6. At this point, I will suggest to put another rooting app into your Acer Liquid Z520 even if you already have SuperSU just for the heck of it.

Rooting with KingRoot:

  1. Connect your phone to the internet and go to KingRoot's official website and get a copy of its latest version and install it on your phone. Run KingRoot and let it acquire full root option.
    Please take note that your device might boot multiple times during KingRoot's rooting process.

  2. From here you may want to install the Root Manager app so you can view all the files and folders, hidden or whatnot - in your Acer Liquid Z520.

Reference(s) / Test Environment(s):

  1. All files / tools are taken from various Android modding sites that may no longer exist and are copyrighted by their respected owners / developers.
  2. Tested on Windows 10, and my Acer Liquid Z520 Dual Sim.

Repair / Root Soft-Bricked Acer Liquid Z520 Dual Sim Repair / Root Soft-Bricked Acer Liquid Z520 Dual Sim Reviewed by Admin Moronman on 6:53 PM Rating: 5


  1. nothing happens battery stars 2 charge...

  2. what if usb debbuging is not enabled before bootloop happens

    1. As long as your PC is able to detect your device, you should be able to fix it.

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  5. Thanks a lot! I was able to fixed my Acer z520 from not booting thoroughly. Before it's just stuck with the Acer Logo, but it's working now & I'm so happy with the results.. However, when I tried the camera & take a picture, it restarts automatically, then I tried the camera again, it restarts again.. perhaps you can explain why?... Anyway, many thanks to the one who posted this tutorial as I'm really happy that I have my phone back to life!!! KUDOS to you!!!

    1. A lot of possibilities - most likely camera related. If you have not installed any apk that could be doing something with the camera then that can be a camera-related issue. :)

  6. This post helped me save my phone, I am very gratefull ^^

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