Install And Run Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 On Windows 10

Previously we discussed how to Install And Run Command & Conquer Red Alert On Windows 10. This has caused extreme happiness to some Command & Conquer Red Alert die hard xennials and millennials alike, and we got tons of email asking for steps on how to install Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 on their Windows 10 rig using their old installers.

Although this article contain links where readers may get their copies of the Windows 95 version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert, these are all external sources. Be advised that this article was written for educational purposes only and no intention to harm the owners/publishers of this cool game.

Chronoshift Back In Time

What happens when you mix Conscripts, Chrono Commandos, Chrono Legionaires, Crazy Ivan, Desolators, Tanya, Yuri Prime, and the other war freaks bearing some catchy names? A chaotic game called Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. Back in the days of Windows 95, 98, ME this game was one of the resource hog craps most of us wished we can run on our ishtyuufeed computer systems. How high is the system requirements? Read on the next set of paragraphs.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Back in October of 2000, EA Games (then called Westwood Pacific) released Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 for peeps who has got these PC specifications:

● Windows 95, 98, NT 6.0, 2000, or Millennium
● Pentium II 266 or better
● 64 MB of RAM
● 2 MB of Video RAM
● 16 bit color
● 4X CD-ROM drive
● 100% Microsoft Compatible Mouse
● Direct Sound Compliant Sound Card
● 200 MB of additional hard drive space
● 3D Hardware acceleration (optional)

The younger generations may laugh at the specs but such rig would have cost you a fortune in the days of yore!

The Files We Need

Below are the files we need to have a working Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 on Windows 10.

  1. XWIS' Red Alert 2 multiplayer distribution. I got it from

  2. Multi.mix, Theme.mix, Maps01.mix Movies01.mix, Maps02.mix, Movies02.mix from your good old Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 installers.

  3. I used the Noobient's preconfigured DDWrapper. I got it from

  4. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Windows 8 and 10 Fix Files from

    Worry not if you don't want to grab those files separately. The Non-Technical Technical Support zipped everything that you need. Just download this RA2 Windows 10 from our repository and follow the How To Install instructions from this article.

How To Install

Let's say you downloaded the RA2 Windows from our repository, it will show you these files once unzipped:
01. Red-Alert-2-Multiplayer.exe
02. RA2 MIX

You may notice each file has a number representation which can be anything from 01 to 04. The numbering is the order you will follow on which crap to install first.
Now let's follow the steps below:

  1. Install the 01. Red-Alert-2-Multiplayer.exe file first As Administrator. Make sure that you install it in the C:\Westwood\RA2 folder. The game may not work if you install it in a different folder.

  2. The 02. RA2 MIX contains all the MIX files of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. Unzipping this file should give you:
    ● MAPS01.MIX
    ● MAPS02.MIX
    ● MOVIES01.MIX
    ● MOVIES02.MIX
    ● WDT.MIX
    Just copy all these MIX files to your C:\Westwood\RA2 folder.

  3. The 03. file should contain these two (2) files when unzipped.
    ● aqrit.cfg
    ● ddraw.dll
    Same shit - just like what we did on the MIX files. Copy these two (2) files to your C:\Westwood\RA2 folder.

  4. As for the 04., it will have these Game Files:
    ● game.exe
    ● ra2.exe
    ● RA2.INI
    ● Red Alert 2.exe
    ● Wolapi.dll
    ● xwis.dll
    ● xwis0.dll
    Just copy all these Game Files to your C:\Westwood\RA2 folder.

  5. The 04. will also contain these files in a folder called Compatibility Database:
    Double Click Me.bat
    Nothing fancy here, just run the Double Click Me.bat file so it can sdbinst the RA2-Compatibility-Fix.sdb file. If you are curious on what sdbinst does, kindly check these Microsoft webpages:
    ● Deploy an Application Compatibility Database by Using SDBInst
    ● Using the Sdbinst.exe Command-Line Tool

  6. Set all the .EXE files in your C:\Westwood\RA2 folder to follow the compatibility settings shown below (or something similar if the screenshot does not look the same in your system):

  7. You may now launch the game by going to your C:\Westwood\RA2 folder and running the game.exe file. Enjoy.

Reference(s) / Test Environment(s):

  1. Tested on Windows 10 64-bit with 4GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GT 430.

Known Issue(s):

  1. Doing an ALT+Tab combination will leave you with just a black screen, and you will need to close the game using your Task Manager or any third party software will similar function.

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