Restore Your Android Phone's Lost IMEI

This tutorial is for educational purposes only and nothing more than a proof / representation of concept. The Non-Technical Technical Support or any of its sources is not responsible should your Acer Liquid A520's situation worsen. Further, this concept / procedure might work on other Android phone brands. Try at your own risk.

This error can happen during an incorrect flashing of your Android phone, and would often come along with the NVRAM WARNING: ERR 0x100 error. IMEI is short for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Hey, it's the identity of your phone. Usually, your phone network will not allow you to call out, be called, send text and multimedia message or connect to the internet using your data plan if your phone's identity is blank, invalid, or null.
I got this error message after I accidentally incorrectly flashed my Acer Liquid Z520. I was still quite new to playing with Android phones then. I took my phone to those "cellphone repair guys in the malls" but to my dismay, nobody was able to restore its IMEI. So I Googled more.

Without much ado, since I am sure you guys and gals are quite excited to bring back your precious IMEI. Please follow the steps with proper care:

  1. First take note of your Acer Liquid Z520's IMEI. You should be able to see it on its original box or on a sticker located in its battery compartment. Put them on a piece of paper of type it on your good old trusty Notepad / Notepad++.

  2. Next important thing is to set your Windows to accept unsigned drivers before you proceed with the whole tutorial. This is the most important part. The IMEI re-flashing will most likely not work without this step.

  3. You need to have a stock ROM file for your Android Phone model. It should be real easy to Google one. Like in my case, I tried this on my Acer Z520 Dual Sim - I just Googled "Acer Z520 Dual Sim Stock ROM".

  4. Check on the USB debugging checkbox from the {} Developer Mode options of your phone.
    If you have not activated the {} Developer Mode yet you may want to go to your phone's Settings, then click on About Phone and then tap the Build Number option (7) seven times. The {} Developer Mode should now be available after this. On older Android units, the {} Developer Mode should be readily available.

  5. Install your "MauiMETA_3G_exe_v6.1316.1" by launching its Setup.exe while your Windows is set to accept unsigned drivers. Get your MauiMETA 3G here if you don't have it yet.

  6. Launch your Maui META 3G v6.1316.01. Under its Options menu, make sure the "Connect Smart phone into META mode" is checked. Then click on the Reconnect button. You will notice the circle would blink from red to green. Also, the words "Please connect cable to target and then power on" should appear.

  7. Power OFF your Acer Liquid Z520 and connect it to the most reliable USB port of your PC. Your Acer Liquid Z520 will boot, but will just be stuck on the "acer explore beyond limits" logo. Your Maui META 3G v6.1316.01 tool should be able to display your device's information as soon as it detects it.

  8. Choose "IMEI download" from the drop down menu and a rectangular popup should appear.

  9. Click on the "Change NVRAM Databse File" button on this popup and locate / choose the file named:

    from your
    "Images_Acer_AV0K0_Z520_1.010.00_EMEA_GEN1 (Dual Sim)"
    On other Android Phone models, this should be coming from the Stock ROM that you Googled.

  10. Once you see the "NVRAM database file init successfully", you may now input your IMEI1 and click on the "Download To Flash" button. You may do the same for your IMEI2.

  11. Close the Maui META 3G tool, and unplug your Acer Liquid Z520. You should now have your precious IMEI back for good.

Reference(s) / Test Environment(s):

  1. All files are taken from various Android modding sites that may no longer exist.
  2. The Non-Technical Technical Support Admin.
  3. Tested on Windows 10, and my Acer Liquid Z520 Dual Sim.

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  1. terikasih om, si om emang josssss gandossssss..... mantap om.......

  2. well, it can't detect my acer E600 even after I installed the acer USB driver

    1. Install your Acer USB drivers while your Windows' Signature Driver Enforcement is disabled. Then perform the steps in this tutorial while Windows' Signature Driver Enforcement is disabled.

    2. bij mij is het gelukt acer t10 z6e
      het klopt dat je goede drivers nodig bent en deze heb ik gekregen door fastboot te instaleren op pc.
      daar zitten google drivers bij en toen die geinstalleerd waren kon ik in het programma op connect drukken usb er in en de smartphone werd herkend.

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