Open Line Acer Liquid Z520

Other calls this procedure "Unlock" but the more common term is "Open Line". Please take note that concept in this method may work on other Android phone brands as long as you know their respective codes to access their "Engineering Mode". This tutorial was tested on my friend's mom's Acer Liquid Z520, and confirmed to be working.
Further, someone from Symbianize has claimed that this same "Simme Lock Engineering Mode" method works with Lenovo A536:

Carrier-Specific Locked Phones

Most of the time, when you take advantage of some enticing Android phone plans from big names like Globe, Smart, AT&T, Touch Mobile, Sun, and all those countless weird names - there is a possibility that you are destined to get an Android phone unit that is "locked" to the ISHTYUUFEED network where you got it.
For example you took advantage of some kind of Plan 999 from Globe, you are most likely not going to be able to use a Smart SIM card for your new and shiny mobile phone. This kind of "enforced loyalty" (backed up by some terms and conditions) is just not going to work for peeps who are included in the "thinking class".

Why Open Line Phone Rocks

Suppose you have a phone that is locked specifically just for Globe, and some friends invited you for a trip to some place where Globe network is not recognized. All of a sudden, all the SIM card that they sell in that place are all from Smart. Then you've come to a shitty realization that the shiny Android phone that you got along with you is nothing more than a brick - you can brag that it is the latest and top of the line model but you cannot use it.

Open Line Though Engineering Mode

Some Android phone brands allows you to do an unlock through their respective Engineering Mode. Again, the Simme Lock procedure may work on other brands but keep in mind that this tutorial was tested on an Acer Liquid Z520 unit. The steps below shows you how this is done:

  1. First you need to access you Acer Liquid Z520 dialer. This is the one where you go when you want to place an outbound call or when you want to call some peeps.

  2. Once you got on that part where you can dial some numbers, you'll know it is time to enter the Engineering Mode code. These codes are not universal. They differ per model and manufacturer.

  3. For Acer Liquid Z520, the codes to access Engineering Mode is: *#*#2237332846633#*#*. The moment you typed in the last "*", you'll see Acer Liquid Z520's Engineering Mode.

  4. Your Acer Liquid Z520's Engineering Mode will look like this.

  5. Just scroll down to the very bottom while you are on that Telephony option. You should see the option that is labelled "Simme Lock" in one way or another.

  6. You should see that SIM1 and SIM2 option from here. Each would have its own list that goes:
    • Network Personalization
    • Network Subset Personalization
    • Service Provider Personalization
    • Corporate Personalization
    • SIM Personalization

  7. Access each item and choose the "Unlock permanently" option.

  8. Should look like this once you're done for all of them.

From here you may now power off your Acer Liquid Z520. Put in a SIM card that is not recognized before, then power it back on. Your Acer Liquid Z520 is now "unlocked or open line".

Reference(s) / Test Environment(s):

  1. James M. mom's Acer Liquid Z520 specifically locked to Sun Cellular Network.
  2. The "Simme Lock" method has appeared on countless forums since the release of the first Android phone model. TNTTS can no longer trace who or which institution to give credits to for this tutorial.

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  1. Everything you said worked great and unlocked the phone but the phone still wouldnt recognize the new sim card. Weird. Thanks anyway!

  2. Simme Lock can not open, ACER Z530 here please help?

    1. Can you try if these will work:
      -Unlock SIM-card (PIN): ** 05 * then enter the PUK and new PIN twice
      -Unlock SIM-card (PIN2): ** 052 *, then enter the PUK2 and new PIN2 twice

  3. the network personalization need pin to unlock.what should i do?

  4. when i turned it back on it asked for code to unlock phone

  5. Asking for SIM ME Pin code. Any inputs about this?

  6. Replies
    1. 1. Root
      2. Dial *#*#2237332846633#*#* and go to simmelock then unlock all
      3. Reboot or restart your phone and try insert Other simcard network.

  7. thanks, it works perfectly on my acer liquid z520.