Set Windroye To Display English

As one of the best non-paid Android emulators out there, some peeps may get irritated with Windroye on their first install. Windroye's default language is Chinese and not everyone knows how to read and / or write a China-Man's main form of communication. It might take time to study it plus you got to pay your Chinese instructor.
For those who do not know Windroye yet, read on and see what you are missing.

What Is Windroye?

Windroy, Windroye, and WindroyMobile are releases from Beijing Windroy Technology Co., Ltd., a company established in 2013. This company specializes in having Android operating system run on PC and tablet surpassing normal expectations. If you need to run your favorite Android Apps on your PC, Windroye is one of your best bet.

Why Choose Windroye?

There are a lot of Android emulators out there bragging about a gazillion features and whatnot, but most of them never met TNTTS' expectations in terms of usability, speed, and compatibility.
Speed and compatibility are Windroye's main points - unlike other Android emulators, it does not rely on third party virtualization such as Sun Microsystem's Virtualbox. This product has one that is built-in, and you'll feel the difference even if you just got 2GB of RAM.

There are a number of reasons why having an Android emulator on your PC is a must:
  • If you're into gaming in Android and you need to take part on some party important in-game sessions but your actual physical cellphone battery gave up on you.
  • If your Android phone hangs when you reach one part of your game, or will not run a certain game that you would like to play.
  • If your cellphone is charging and you want to continue playing your game. It is really not advisable to play a game on your device if it is being charged - it will lessen your battery lifespan easily.
  • Many other reasons that are not stated here.

Where to Get Windroye?

Get Windroye and Beijing Windroy Technology Co., Ltd's., two other products (Windroy and WindroyMobile) on their Official Website:

Please take note that the developer of Windroye is not in any way associated or affiliated with The Non-Technical Technical Support. The only reason this product is recommended by TNTTS is plain and simple: "WINDROYE WORKS".

Setting Up Windroye To Display English

Getting a bit excited now!? Check the screenshots below to set that Windroye language into something that is your native tongue.

  1. First is to click on that familiar Settings logo - represented by that "gear" image:

  2. Just don't mind all that Chinese characters once you get into that Settings page of your Windroye, just scroll down until you get into that image shown on the third screenshot:

  3. Choose the option that has an icon that is represented by an uppercase letter A enclosed in a small square:

  4. From here, choose the first option below, check on the screenshot to compare the Chinese characters that is displaying on your screen once you get here:

  5. Almost done. Just scroll down all the way until you see the English (United States) option on your Windroye:

  6. This is how it looked like. Your Windroye should now be displaying the English language once you are done with this last step - ENJOY:

Reference(s) / Test Environment(s):

  1. Windows 10
  2. Zeong Wars (Android Game about Gundam).
  3. Windroye
  4. PC with 2GB RAM.

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  1. And when click setting -> location, the language still chinese . Can't set the location