Error Is Occurred During Executing GameGuard

The February 4th, 2015 update of GameGuard for GamesCampus' RF Online has started showing me a GameGuard error message that is so annoying. Not because I am unable to play one of my favorite MMORPGs, but what it tells you puts you in a gray area of sorts.

It goes this way:
"Error is occurred during executing GameGuard. Please attach following file --> '*.erl file in GameGuard folder of Game folder' into e-mail and send to"

Lousy Error Message

You gotta love error messages if you are a programmer because you will need them in the applications you write, or technical support specialist is your means of income. Otherwise, these error message will make you sick. This stupid error message may sometimes give you recommendations coming from a page in the nProtect website. The website will advise you to check your proxy settings and some sort of things and whatnot.
If you have been playing RF Online before and have not fiddled with your proxy settings and all of a sudden you are no longer able to launch your RF Online game; The Non-Technical Technical Support suggests that you check first your firewall settings before anything else. How to do such will depend on the security software that you are using. In this article we have prepared a video that shows GamesCampus' RF Online GameGuard with Bitdefender.

GameGuard Versus Bitdefender

The whole scenario goes that on the February 4th, 2015 update of GamesCampus' RF Online, the error message started showing up. One way to solve this issue if you are using Bitdefender Antivirus is to just disable its Virus Shield feature by doing these simple steps:
  1. Open your Bitdefender interface by doing a double click on its icon on your system tray.
  2. Look for the Virus Shield feature.It should have an ON/OFF slider that you can easily click.
  3. Simply turn OFF Bitdefender's Virus Shield.
  4. Launch your RF Online (or whatever applicable game(s) is or are affected) the normal way.
Again, this is just one way to resolve this nProtect GameGuard error message in question.
Further, we have prepared a quick video that would clearly show the conflict between the two applications described in this article; and just like the three races in RF Online - there may never be peace between programs like GameGuards and your favorite anti virus software!

Reference(s) / Test Environment(s):

  1. The Non-Technical Technical Support Admin.
  2. Tested on Windows 7 with Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition and GamesCampus RF Online Episode 2 Part 3 Update.

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