Application Blocked By Security Settings (Java)

Java, an object oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems' James Gosling, has taken over our electronics devices world. PCs, gaming consoles, handheld phones and whatnot - you name it and it would most likely have Java. This bad ass programming is here to stay for quite a while.
You can read more about Java from its official website..

The Application Blocked Security Settings Error

At some point, you will encounter this error message (most likely) if your PC has the newest version of Java and the application that needs Java to run was created using or was designed to run on an older version Java SDK or Software Development Kit.

Solutions!? Anyone!?

There could be two possible straightforward solutions for this Java error.
  1. Update or rewrite the application to work with the newer Java SDK.
  2. Tell the newer Java version to still run the old program.
The first solution could be costly for companies using old software. Think about a bank using computer applications designed to work way back then; then their programmers created some Java helper software so their old software would run on newer internet browsers. They can't just shed out budget every time a Java update is available - their bigot CEO would surely get mad.
The second solution won't cost anything (at first) but may put your system at risk that may even cost you more in the future.

Then again, the above-mentioned scenario only apply to big companies. If you are a household PC user just wanting to play old Super Nintendo Entertainment System games from a website using an emulator created with an older Java SDK, who cares?

Here's an example on how it goes:
  1. There was once a time when the Let's Play SNES website was using an old emulator called vNES. When I first visited it I got the "Application Blocked By Security Settings" error message. I was wanting to play Mike Tyson's Punch Out at that time.

  2. To resolve this issue in Windows, we first go to Control Panel and look for an item / icon called Java (32-bit) and click on it.

  3. Java Control Panel should appear. Click on the Security tab on your Java Control Panel and click on the Edit Site List... button on the lower right part of the Excemption Site List option.

  4. The Exception Site List box should appear. From here you may now click on the Add button.

  5. Type in the URL of the website that your new Java version is blocking, or in case this is a software installed in your PC, you should be able to browse the location of the file that needs unblocking.

  6. Once the Security Warning box appears, just click on the Continue button just like the one shown in the screenshot.

  7. Once you see the URL or the directory / folder of the program that needs to be exempted, click Apply and / or the Ok button (if the Apply button is grayed out).

  8. From here you should be able to run an old software designed to run on old Java versions on your newly updated Java.

Here's a quick video on how to navigate to the Java Control Panel that this article is trying to showcase.

Reference(s) / Test Environment(s):

  1. Official Java website.
  2. Tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Video taken from PC with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
  3. Screenshots from PC using Windows 8.1.

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