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Greetings fellow Marvelites as Mr. Stan Lee would say. Most of us who play Playdom's Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook knows that Rocket Raccoon's alternate costumes are now available. These costumes were actually based on the recent Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy, and their prices? Pretty affordable as you only need to spend 50 Command Points for the Blaster class and 65 Command Points for the Generalist class.

Rocket Raccoon sure sounds easy to get. In fact, you only need to beat the 4th Rocket Raccoon Challenge from the S.H.I.E.L.D. SIMULATOR to make these alternate costumes available for purchase. It is your choice if you want to beat the 5th and Final Rocket Raccoon S.H.I.E.L.D. SIMULATOR challenge. Since you are a true Marvel fan and, not to mention a gamer, you would likely want to beat this challenge so you can get the Guardian Insignia reward. This item allows your Agent to become an honorary member of the Guardians of the Galaxy aside from the fact that it gives your Agent a chance to gain Focused, Fortified, Agile, or Strengthened.

Not bad for something that can be achieved without using Marvel Avengers Alliance gold. There is just one issue though - this Rocket Raccoon Set Final Challenge is not that easy. I've been seeing guides on how to beat this challenge but most of them has the luxury of having Empowered ISO-8 that can only be bought using Marvel Avengers Alliance gold such as the Persisting Empowered ISO-8 (which gives you a high chance to apply radiation exposure), and other expensive combinations. Not to mention, these guides I saw suggests that your Rocket Raccoon should be level 13 to take advantage of the two Empowered ISO-8 slots.

The Annoying Final Challenge

The reason as to why the Rocket Raccoon Set Final Challenge is so annoying is due to these setup:
  1. Rocket Raccoon does not pack much damage by default.
  2. Rocket Raccoon's opponents in his challenge has the Deep Freeze skill that makes them invulnerable to any melee or ranged attacks. He will have one opponent who has the Deep Freeze skill and will have three in the second round.
  3. Rocket Raccoon can only deal damage to these almost invulnerable opponents if he can inflict Melt Armor on them first. Melt Armor can only come from his second skill called MURDERED YOU, and since the MURDERED YOU skill can only hit one target, your only choice is to take the hard way which is to inflict Phyrophoric by using his BLAM BLAM BLAM! skill and then applying Burning by using his BLAM! skill.

The Setup

If you don't want to spend Marvel Avengers Alliance gold, then we would have to beat this challenge the hard way. You don't need to level Rocket Raccoon to 13 to beat this challenge, but at least put him into level 9 or level 10. I would advise level 10. Here's the setup at level 10:
  • Four pieces Reactive Deft ISO-8 which gives Rocket Raccoon 572 Health and 114 Evasion.
  • Two pieces Reactive Durable ISO-8 which gives Rocket Raccoon 429 Health, 429 Stamina, and 85 Defense.
  • Recovering Empowered ISO-8 that allows Rocket Raccoon to restore some HP when recharge is used. This E ISO-8 is a steal for 20 Command Points.

Beat Rocket Raccoon Set Final Challenge

Once you have the above-mentioned setup at level 10, the whole lengthy and uber repetitive process goes this way:
  1. BLAM BLAM BLAM! for your first shot. This gives you the Nimble buff which gives you 50% chance to avoid melee and ranged attacks. This also casts Pyrophoric to your opponent(s).
  2. Refill Ammo. This should allow Rocket Raccoon to reload 3 ammo.
  3. Then your opponent attacks. Either he will hit Rocket Raccoon or miss him.
  4. One or two shots of BLAM! so your opponent would be inflicted by one or more applications of Pain for three rounds. Your opponent would now have the Burning de-buff. The next move would either be reload Rocket Raccoon's ammo or heal him with 1,400++ worth of HP by clicking on the Stamina Recharge icon - depending on the situation.

The main logic is to be on guard and to have the Nimble buff always as much as possible, and have your opponent(s) on the Pyrophoric along with the Burning status. Again, this would be a lengthy battle but would really be inexpensive. Your opponents will be destroyed by the Burning and Pyrophoric de-buffs. Luckily, and if done correctly, there is no need to use the MURDERED YOU! skill to beat this challenge.

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