Playdom's $5 MAA Gold As Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics Shuts Down

Greetings fellow Marvelites. The same online social network game developer that brought us Disney Hidden Worlds, Kitchen Scramble, Marvel Avengers Alliance and Pirates of the Carribean: Isles of War announces its plan to shut down their Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics game on Facebook on October 22nd, 2014. Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics is a turn-based browser game that involve clashes among our favorite Marvel super-heroes and super-villains such as Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Cyclops, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Klaw, She-Hulk, Mighty Thor, Doctor Doom, Hulk, Loki, Omega Sentinel, Ronan the Accuser, Scarlet Witch, Lady Sif, Spider-Man, Taskmaster, Wolverine, and the Red Skull just to name some. The sad news could be found on Playdom's official forum site, Disney Interactive Playdom Support Knowledge Center or when you access the Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics game before October 22nd of this year. In line with this they are launching the final assignment dubbed as "Endgame!" on their Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics which is a special and highly rewarding incursion-based event.
Nevertheless Playdom is giving away $5 worth of Marvel Avengers Alliance gold from their closing Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics game page as a token of appreciation. Real sad news for those who are hooked with Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics but not Marvel Avengers Alliance. Definitely a great news for those like me who are hooked on Marvel Avengers Alliance but does not have enough cash to actually purchase some Marvel Avengers Alliance Gold. Please check the details on how you can take advantage of Playdom's token of appreciation. No fancy technical knowledge needed, just mere point and click stuff at your disposal.

How To Claim This Marvel Avengers Alliance Gold

As much as possible this is only recommended for gamer who plays Marvel Avengers Alliance. If you are not playing this game, then what's the point of getting Playdom's token of appreciation. You may want to start playing first by going to the Marvel Avengers Alliance Game Page before proceeding to the steps below
  1. Disable your popup blocker first.
  2. Logon to your Facebook account.
  3. Go to Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics Game Page. This should take you to Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics opening page showing the announcement.
  4. Just click on the CLAIM GOLD NOW button and this should take you to your Marvel Avengers Alliance Game Page automatically. Then you will have 20 gold at your disposal.
  5. Furthermore, if you don't see this kind of announcement you may as well want to check on the upper part of your Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics Game Page. If your popup blocker is disabled you will most likely see the "Click here if you haven't claimed the bonus gold for Marvel: Avengers Alliance" link just like the screenshot below.
  6. However you claim it, 20 gold is 20 gold in Marvel Avengers Alliance and you should enjoy it. No offense to those Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics players.

Reference(s) / Test Environment(s):

  1. The validity of this compensation package would still depend on Playdom.
  2. This is an old closing promotion and no longer working.

Playdom's $5 MAA Gold As Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics Shuts Down Playdom's $5 MAA Gold As Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics Shuts Down Reviewed by Admin Moronman on 11:27 PM Rating: 5


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