Top 10 Marvel Future Fight Characters

Greetings fellow Marvel Future Fight players and Marvelites. Ever wonder if your favorite Marvel Superhero / Supervillain has made it to the top charts of being the most popular in this cool game published by Netmarble!? Only one way to find out. Read on and see what Netmarble has to say.

2nd Year Anniversary Infographic

First and foremost, TNTTS congratulates Netmarble's Marvel Future Fight. They just turned 2 last April 28th, 2017! So what's in it for us gamers of all ages!? Freebies galore and cool in-game stuff - DUH!

Top 5 Male And Top 5 Female

Going back to the main topic, here's the list of Netmarble's Marvel Future Fight 2nd Year Anniversary top 5 male and top 5 female characters and their corresponding uniforms (and how to possibly get them if you don't have them yet):
    Top 5 Male Characters
  1. Doctor Strange | Marvel's Doctor Strange:
    Doctor Strange overtaking Thanos is not a surprise especially to those who played this game for quite some time. The answer is as simple as players love Doctor Strange because he is one of the most overpowered characters in Marvel Future Fight and the easiest to acquire. To get him you just have to beat all 45 tasks in Marvel Future Fight's Doctor Strange Epic Quest.

  2. Thanos | Infinity:
    As compared to Doctor Strange, this Titan is overpowered too but you will have to go through more than enough annoyance just to get all the 20 bios that will allow you to recruit him. You would have to beat Thanos on World Boss at least 20 times. Once recruited, just like any other characters in the game, Thanos will be a weakling. You still need to level him up all the way to 60 by using any applicable spare superhero / supervillain bios that you may have in your inventory. Not to mention, spend millions of GOLD coins along with Black Anti-Matter stuff so you can have a Thanos that is really a Thanos.

  3. Baron Mordo | Classic:
    As with Baron Mordo, TNTTS is seriously not quite sure why he got into the top 5. Could it be due to the bonus stats that Doctor Strange will have if partnered with Baron Mordo and Ancient One!? You can get Baron Mordo bios by beating the Memory Mission called Road to the Monastery included in the Doctor Strange Epic Quest.

  4. Thor | Unworthy:
    Using this uniform with proper setup and team combination allows Thor to deal a really decent damage towards opponent. This uniform, which decreases all damage received by +15%, can only be acquired by purchasing them from the store.

  5. Hellstorm | Modern:
    One of the best characters you can use to beat the crap out of Extreme Alliance Battle. You can get his bios from the Dark Dimension called Increasing Darkness in Doctor Strange Epic Quest.

    Top 5 Female Characters
  1. Captain America (Sharon Rogers) | Satrlight Armor:
    As the saying goes "easy to get, hard to forget". Hands down! Sharon Rogers or Sharog as them Marvelites commonly calls her is your choice of beginner's and expert's character. It's not that difficult to acquire her bios. The moment Netmarble gives you a blaster-type bios, you can always choose them as Sharog. Her Starlight Armor can be purchased from the store.

  2. Proxima Midnight | Infinity:
    Damage dealing is what Proxima Midnight is all about. You can get her bios by beating her on World Boss Raids. Then like Thanos, you use spare bios to level up this freak.

  3. Loki | Lady Loki:
    Although the Lady Loki uniform is only available from store, you can get Loki bios from Dimension Rifts. Loki's most deadly skill is called Mind Games (fifth skill) wherein Loki / Lady Loki would summon 4 illusions that looks like him / her. These illusions has 95% of Loki / Lady Loki's stats. Imagine those 4 illusions hitting you with 4 ishtyuufeed energy blasts.

  4. Silk | Web Suit:
    Silk's bios can only be acquired from the store or from those daily free bios that Netmarble provides. The Web Suit uniform can only be acquired from the store. Silk is a character that packs speed and damage that can be annoying to your opponents with proper setup.

  5. Elsa Bloodstone | Monsters Unleashed!:
    Each time you beat at least one difficulty of Villain Siege, you are given 500 Chaos Tokens. Marvel Future Fight has this Token Shop where you can get Elsa's bios by purchasing them with Chaos Tokens. 3 bios for 500 Chaos Tokens at the time of this writing. Her Monsters Unleashed! uniform can be acquired from the store.

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  5. Maybe it is old... but you have many great characters that can beat any of the ones listed. You can beat Doctor Strange with Deadpool if you know what you are doing. Jean Grey is of course one of the most OP character in the game. Wolverine is pretty hard to beat without Sharon Roger. Spiderman can only be defeated if you have Web protection Obelisk. In fact any characters you need to unlock by leveling at max other characters are OP. Stryfe, Doctor Doom, Jean Grey. Also any character you need to pay to have it fully leveled. Luna Snow, Quasar, etc.