10 Android Apps You May Most Likely Want To Have On Your Phones

Talk about what's hot and what's not on Android apps, TNTTS decided it is time to have some "Top Ten-ish" articles for everyone to get bored with! Behold, these 10 recommended super apps should make you the envy of your office mates and colleagues. That is, if they don't know these apps yet.

Some of the apps in these article are not in Google PlayStore due to some minor disagreements with their terms and conditions. Nevertheless, TNTTS is brining you details about these apps only for educational purposes. Google or YouTube them if they spark your interest.

King Root

Probably the easiest route if you want to root your Android phone without having to use that good old Smart Phone Flash Tool. Rooting your Android phone unlocks quite a number of cool features at your disposal. If you have no idea what a rooted Android device can do, then you miss the chance of enjoying everything your device can offer.

Lucky Patcher

An amazing app that allows you to exploit a number of apps. What the hell does that mean? Lucky Patcher is one cool app released by ChelpuS from Netbew. What it does is allow you to make purchases on a number of games and apps without having the need to use your plastic! Quite a number of apps are still vulnerable to the Lucky Patcher attack. Use Google as this is not on Google PlayStore.


TNTTS condone software piracy. However, the main reason I built this website is to make peeps who fear technology have a glimpse of some of the things going on in the world of nerds. Nevertheless what Blackmart does is allow users to acquire most paid apps that are in Google PlayStore for free. This app is definitely not on Google PlayStore.


If you want to use your Android device's cameras in a manner that is not so obvious - then this app should suffice. I need not to elaborate more. Use this for good, use this got evil purposes we really don't care. Just don't blame us if you get in trouble! It makes you feel like you are a secret agent - if you're not a pervert!


Something for minimalists, AP15 is launcher that gives your Android's GUI a new look. Your phone apps' are displayed in words and their respective icons are removed. Find this on Google PlayStore.


This app is for peeps who play Android games that has autoplay feature. I personally use this for Marvel Future Fight. I just set the game's autoplay feature on and lock my phone's touch screen and soft keys using GoPocket. With this app I can simply put my ishtyuufeed phone in my pocket while my game continues to do its autoplay shit - inside my ishtyuufeed pocket! GoPocket is available on Google PlayStore.


The most popular phone-to-phone file transfer at the time of this writing. You can share files with your colleagues virtually anytime and anywhere. It uses your Android device's access point capability to transfer files and shits. Also available on Google PlayStore.


This one cool app allows you to get or stream music just like that good old Spotify. The only difference is this app gives them to you for free. Just google this crap as it is not available on Google PlayStore.


Mobdro has got them free video streams for you, shows, news, different channels - you name it Mobdro got it. Online streaming on your Android device at your disposal. Google this app and see for yourself.

Showbox App

Showbox App is another one cool app to install on your Android device. Just like Mobdro, this gives you free movies and TV shows at your disposal.

We really did not give enough details on the apps presented here since we want our cool readers to explore. Besides, most of the apps mentioned here promotes the evil side of content distribution if you know what we mean. Enjoy!

Reference(s) / Test Environment(s):

  1. All apps were tested on my ishtyuufeed Acer Z520.

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