Pokémon Go: Getting The 3 Eevee Evolutions

News has it that adorable pocket monsters have invaded planet Earth. Peeps from around the globe have been capturing some of them lately. Not to mention training and evolving them cute pocket monsters to prepare them for battle against other trainers' pocket monsters. You too can have your very own collection of these monsters. Just grab that cool Pokémon Go app from Google Play Store and you should be all set.

Eevee Brothers

At one point in the Pokémon anime (The Battling Eevee Brothers), they mentioned about the Eevee Brothers. These four Pokémon trainers namely Rainer, Sparky, Pyro, and Mikey focused on Eevee's evolution. If you check Eevee on your Pokémon Go Pokédex you will notice that this cute Eevee has 3 possible evolution that can be deadly - Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon. How you control you Eevee's evolution depends on what you do to evolve it.

Controlling Eevee's Evolution In Pokémon Go

A lowly cute Eevee who can do some basic tackle and take down can have these these evolution possibilities as mentioned above:

  1. Vaporeon, a water type Pokémon who is known to have Acid Armor and can do Tackle as well - just like the lowly Eevee.
  2. Jolteon, an electric type Pokémon who is known to beat other pocket monsters with the use of some sort of Pin Missile attack.
  3. Flareon, a fire type Pokémon beats other pocket monsters using its Fire Spin.

Rename And Evolve

If you have 3 spare Eevees - not to mention enough Eeeve candies at your disposal, you may evolve one of your Eevees into Vaporeon, one into Jolteon, and the last one into Flareon. The procedure is quite simple:

  1. Rename your Eevee by clicking on that pencil icon into "Rainer" if you want it to evolve into Vaporeon. Rename it into "Sparky" if you want your Eevee to evolve into a Jolteon, or "Pyro" if you want it to become a Flareon.
  2. Just press the EVOLVE button after renaming your Eevee.
Pretty straightforward, ain't it!? Enjoy your newly evolved Eevees and beat the crap out of your opponents.

Reference(s) / Test Environment(s):

  1. Pokémon Go on Acer Liquid Z520.
  2. Procedure may change if this game's developer change how this is done.

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