From Cardboard To Virtual Reality Goggles

Behold, The Virtual Reality Generation Has Come

The Virtual Reality Generation is about to take over the mainstream and rich kids and dads are awaiting their pre-orders of them and whatnot. For poor peeps like me, gadgets like the $300++ Facebook's newly acquired Oculus VR, Altergaze, Avegant Glyph, Durovis Dive, Sulon Cortex and so on are things you can only imagine.
Simply waiting for the time for these Virtual Reality products to go cheap would make my eyes turn white.

Google To The Rescue

Good thing there are smart and nerdy peeps at Google who will never stop creating new and weird things for the masses to enjoy. This is how I got my new improvised gadget that has grabbed the attention of all my colleagues at work.

Now that thing I am holding looks like an improvised Virtual Reality Goggles!? Well, in some ways it is. The idea came from Google and they call it The Google Cardboard.

Why Google Cardboard!?

Google calls it Google Cardboard simply because this improvised Virtual Reality Goggles is made out of a mere cheap cardboard... err, and two small lenses (that you can buy from your nearest specialty shops), two velcro strips and two rubber bands. Nevertheless, the whole bulk is made out of cardboard.

Is Google Cardboard For Everyone!?

For sure you are excited and curious to experience what this piece of cardboard can offer. You don't need programming skills or Cisco Certifications and whatnot to operate and enjoy Google Cardboard. Using this cool stuff is as simple as getting Google Cardboard compatible applications from Google Play Store and running any of these cardboard applications while your Android Phone is inserted in the improvised cellphone slot of your Google Cardboard Viewer.

I am no expert in analyzing things but the way it works: Cardboard compatible application creates two same (or sometimes not) displays on your phone screen so your eyes and brains are fooled to believe that you are in the game / application while you are peeping in the Google Cardboard Viewer. The two lenses magnify whatever images are displayed by the Google Play Store application and that's it. I mean, Virtual Reality is all about fooling our brains in the first place.

How To Get Your Hands On These Cardboards!?

How to get your hands on Google Cardboard!? I mean, how much would it cost on your end!? Well, it will depend on how you will want to acquire it.

  • Since the Google Cardboard Viewer is open source, you may just create one for yourself by following the production templates that you can get from The Official Google Cardboard website. Just grab the kits and start looking for some spare cardboards that you can use.

  • If you have some bucks to spare, you can buy these Cardboards from these sellers suggested by Google.

  • In the Philippines, I believe I saw a couple of sellers at Lazada. Price is not that bad if you have some spare cash, quite busy at work and have no time to look for some spare cardboards to create one at home.
    You don't need plastics or whatnot as they accept C.O.D.

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  2. Tested on my stupid Android Phone - LOL

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