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It's been a while since Games Campus gave way to Red Fox Games (https://www.playredfox.com/landing/rf_online). We're talking here of the publishing rights for the Official RF Online for North America and whatnot.
Excited Rising Force Online fans heed the call of their respective "Archons" so they can contribute to the good of their race. There's just one issue though - a good number of loyalist got hit by some sort of error that shows them some phrase that goes "Wrong Downloaded File Info". I mean, you probably got into our site because you experienced this error too.

This error message is pretty straightforward and must be taken literally. The way it goes:
  1. You launch the RF Online client after installation.
  2. RF Online client tries to connect to Red Fox Games server so it can download some updates and possibly do some security checks.
  3. Then you just got the error message! Nothing more, nothing less.

The annoying "Wrong Downloaded File Info" error message is most likely caused by some application(s) blocking your RF Online client from connecting to Red Fox Games servers. There can be countless possibilities for this error message happening from a programmer's perspective, but for end-users like us - we can only think of three things:
  1. Your antivirus is so paranoid that it starts to block RF Online connections / server file requests.
  2. Bad internet connectivity rendering your RF Online client's updates download corrupted.
  3. Malware has gotten hold of your operating system, and is blocking everything from connecting to the world wide web.

This error message should be really easy to fix, depending on how well you know your antivirus application. If you know all the options and whatnot of your antivirus you should be able to whitelist all the files and sub-folders in your RF Online installation folder. Otherwise, if you do not wish to fiddle with your antivirus settings, you may want to uninstall / remove it from your PC - then play RF Online.
After a quick game, put back your antivirus software and then launch RF Online again. Enjoy.

Reference(s) / Test Environment(s):

  1. Official RF Online installation file from Red Fox Games Download page (https://www.playredfox.com/downloads).
  2. The Non-Technical Technical Support Admin.
  3. Tested on Windows 10.

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